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Olive oil

Velvet Oliveoil products are grown with a special interest shown throughout the year around Iznik (Nicea) and Lake Iznik, one of the most ancient cities in history, with hot summers and mild winters.

When it comes to harvest time, we carefully collect the olives that we have grown in our own gardens with our mission of keeping human health above all else. Our farmers work with special sensitivity to hygiene and cleanliness rules while collecting products.

We take all the products we harvest to our production area without wasting time, where we wash the olives from the branches and leaves in our state-of-the-art facility. Products that are cleaned untouched by human hands become ready to be processed.

During this process, the washed olives separated from all foreign matter, branches and leaves are broken together with their seeds and crushed thoroughly. It is turned into dough so that the oil can be squeezed more easily.

The olive, which has become dough, is kneaded thoroughly in a machine called the malaxer for an average of 20-40 minutes. The quality of olive oil to be cold or hot pressed occurs at this stage. Velvet products are produced as cold pressed at 27 ”degrees.

In this section, olive oil is separated from olive pomace called pomace by means of machines called decanters. Since olive pulp will not be used anymore, it is considered as waste.

Oil and black water separated from the olive pulp is transported to the separator section by means of pumps. Here, the light territorial waters are separated from the heavy oil. The residues remaining in the oil are separated from the oil and goes to the last part, filtering.

The last stage of olive oil production is filtration. It is filtered with cotton or paper filters in the last residues in it. It takes a clear and transparent image.

Our ready-made olive oil is never filled in bottles so that it does not lose its freshness. In order to prevent contact with air, the tanks made of stainless steel are filled untouched and put on hold. One day before it is sent to the incoming order, it is filled without human touch. Thus, our eye-catching products are delivered to all our customers as fresh.

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