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Olive oil 
Olive oil is one of the most consumed vegetable oils today. Olive oil, which makes the food delicious, can be consumed with many meals. In addition, natural olive oil has many benefits. However, this oil is beneficial for skin and hair. For this reason, natural olive oil is used in the skin.

What is Olive Oil?
Olive oil is a liquid oil that can be consumed first of all. This oil is obtained from olives grown in completely natural environments. Olive oil is obtained by squeezing olives or extracting the oil as extra virgin. There are many varieties of this liquid oil, such as early harvest, first harvest and mature harvest cold pressed olive oils.

What Does Olive Oil Do?
Olive oils grown in completely natural environments are generally consumed with food. These oils add flavor to the dishes they are used in. In addition, extra virgin olive oil is used in many dishes. Since it is one of the frequently used oils, it is also possible to encounter the category of "dishes with olive oil" in Turkish food culture. Essentially, olive oils, which provide flavoring and consumption of food in a more beneficial way, are also very beneficial for the skin.

How Is Olive Oil Used?
One of the areas where olive oil is used is the kitchen. The use of these oils, which are mostly preferred in cooking, also varies according to the dish to be made. Generally, olive oil is used before food ingredients. In addition, how much of this oil will be used may vary according to the amount of food and the preferences of the individuals.
In order to get the desired benefit from olive oil, which will be used in skin and hair care, it is necessary to use this oil correctly. Natural extra virgin olive oil and pure olive oil are applied to clean skin, but not too much.
The Secret of Delicious Meals Olive Oil
Olive oil dishes are among the sine qua non of Turkish cuisine. The biggest secret of taste in olive oil dishes, which fascinate everyone with its taste, is the natural oils used. Adding a distinctive flavor to the food, olive oil is preferred in almost many dishes today.

How Many Calories in Olive Oil?
The calories of olive oil used in many dishes in Turkish cuisine may also be wondered by individuals. The calories in olive oil can vary depending on the olive and the place where the oil is produced. However, on average, the amount of calories in 100g of olive oil is 884.1.

Where Is Olive Oil Grown?
Olive oil is grown in many regions of our country. Primarily, oil is obtained from olives grown in the Marmara and Aegean regions. Bursa Gemlik olive oil and Ayvalık olive oil are among the most important places where olive oil is grown in our country. Famous for their taste and naturalness, these oils are frequently preferred by everyone. Apart from these two regions, olive oil is grown in many cities. However, these two places stand out as the best olive oil.

What are the Olive Oil Types?
Olive oil varieties vary according to the places where the olives are grown and the way the oil is produced. There are many types of olive oil grown in our country. These are generally as follows;

  • Early harvest extra virgin olive oil

  • extra virgin olive oil

  • cold pressed olive oil

  • natural olive oil

There are many types of olive oil, especially the varieties above. Each of these olive oils is offered to you with the assurance of Velvet Olive Oil.

Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Cold pressed olive oil is olive oil that is pressed below the normal olive oil growing temperature, ie 27 degrees. These oils are also grown in many regions of our country. In addition, the nutritional value of cold-pressed olive oils is quite high compared to other oil types.

Early Harvest Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Among the olive oil varieties, there is also an early harvest cold-pressed olive oil. This oil is obtained from olives that are still green, that is, early harvested. Olives collected in October and November are pressed in water with a temperature below 27 degrees. In these oils, the aroma is quite dominant and the oil is fresh thanks to the olives.

What Are the Benefits of Olive Oil?
Olive oils provide many benefits both when consumed and when used for the skin. For this reason, natural olive oils have different benefits. These benefits are;

  • Regulates digestion and cleans the liver

  • Strengthens bones and speeds up metabolism

  • It has positive effects against diabetes

  • Provides benefits in hair care and skin care

  • It reduces stress

  • Used in the treatment of acne and acne

  • Regulates blood pressure

Is Olive Oil Good For Inflammation?
Although olive oil does not completely eliminate inflammation, it helps to relieve it. Thanks to the antimicrobials in it, it prevents inflammation to a large extent. It is possible to use olive oil for such health problems.

Is Olive Oil Good For Pain?
Newly harvested natural olive oil greatly reduces pain. For this reason, it is possible to use olive oil for body aches. However, not all olive oil relieves pain. First of all, freshly harvested natural olive oils should be used. However, the complete disappearance of pain is not possible by using olive oil alone. However, olive oil can be used to lighten it.

The Importance of Olive Oil in Baby Development
Natural olive oils can be used to protect vascular health in babies, to prevent hardening of the arteries and to ensure a healthier development of babies. Natural olive oils, known as a miracle for babies, provide many benefits.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Today, there are many types of olive oil used for its benefits. These include cold-pressed olive oil. Cold pressed olive oil is especially preferred because it strengthens bones and accelerates bone development. In addition, cold-pressed olive oil also helps to lose weight.

The Secret of Healthy Life Olive Oil Types
Cold pressed, extra virgin and many olive oils are extremely beneficial for human health. The use of this liquid oil both in meals and directly consuming it or using it on the skin helps to open the doors of a healthier life. Olive oils can also be preferred to have a healthier life and fight against diseases.

What is Quality Olive Oil? How is it understood?
Quality olive oil is completely natural olive oils without the use of any additives. In addition, olives used in oil production are also important in terms of quality. It is possible to understand the quality of olive oil from its smell and taste.

Best Olive Oil
The best olive oil is usually grown in the Bursa-Gemlik region. Velvet Olive Oil is constantly bringing you the best olive oils. You can buy quality olive oils by choosing our company.

Olive Oil Prices
Olive oil prices vary depending on where the olive is grown and the method used in oil production. For this reason, the price of every olive oil variety is not the same. Velvet Olive Oil allows you to buy olive oil in affordable price ranges.

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