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7 Effects of Olive Oil for Skin

1. Moisturizing: Of course, we call it "moisturizing" as the other benefit of olive oil. Thanks to the intense fatty acids it contains, it works intensely and moisturizes it intensely.

2.Treatment of Skin Diseases: It plays an important role in relieving and eliminating stubborn problems such as skin rash, itching and redness.

3.Skin Spot Removal: Olive oil, which softens and repairs the skin thanks to vitamin E, is effective in removing sun spots and color tone inequalities.

4.Slowing the Signs of Aging: Containing antioxidants and vitamin E offer an effective solution for skin to gain elasticity and firmness.

5.Acne Treatment: In addition to the antioxidants contained in olive oil, its anti-inflammatory properties affect the reduction of acne by preventing the spread of inflammation.

6.Make-Up Remover: Olive oil, which is a perfect make-up remover for sensitive skin, leaves a soft feeling on the skin while it becomes bile in the most water resistant make-up.

7.Foot / Body Massage: Throwing foot and body fatigue with a massage containing olive oil leaves it soft and moist while relieving fatigue. In addition, the benefits of olive oil play a role in the acceleration of the blood as well as the skin.

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