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Why Use Glass Bottle in Velvet Products?

Why Use Glass Bottle in Velvet Products?

In the process from production to consumption of olive oil, some changes may occur in its structure. Therefore, preservation principles should be determined in order to ensure food preservation and measures should be taken in line with these principles in order to protect consumer health. The main factors that cause changes in the structure of olive oil are temperature, air, light and time. Velvet products are stored in specially designed airtight tanks made of stainless steel in order not to be affected by weather, time and temperature. The bottles are filled the day before they are delivered and delivered to the consumer freshly. It is presented in dark colored glass bottles designed in thick dimensions to protect it from light, especially sunlight. Thus, thick and dark bottles render the light ineffective. Although plastic bottles can be found at more affordable prices, Velvet never prefers plastic designs in its products. Because it causes physical reactions, it is not used because it contains chemical substances and causes changes in the taste and odor of the products. One of the reasons for not choosing plastic designs is that it wants to minimize the damage caused by plastic to the nature and environment we live in, and to fulfill its humanitarian responsibility at this point.

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