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Why should i use Velvet Olive Oil?

What does cold pressed olive oil mean?

Cold-pressed olive oil is

It is a type of olive oil that is 27C.

During the processing of olives that are carefully collected during the harvest, the olive paste temperature should be at most twenty seven degrees. If the specified temperature is exceeded, there will be no cold pressing process. High heat causes loss of nutritional value and odor. Therefore, the fact that the water to be used is twenty-seven degrees provides high nutritional value and nutritional value of olives. Since the oil mats that will come out of the production are purified, it is also called extra virgin olive oil.

What is the acid rate that should be in quality olive oil?

The oleic acid ratios of olive oil products are determined by the oil rate in 100 grams. The oil content of olive oils is therefore given as a percentage. The best olive oil products have acid ratios between 0.1% and 1%. Olive oils with an acid ratio of less than 2% are called 'natural first'. Olive oils with an acid content of up to 0.8% are called 'extra virgin'.

What is the acid content of Velvet products?

The acid ratio in Velvet Olive Oil's products only varies between 0.2-0.8.

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